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About TRUE​

Discover how TRUE has helped companies build trust, save time, grow traffic and more.

TRUE help organisations build trust -and gain valuable exposure.

The past years enormous spread of fake news and misinformation, has made it more important than ever for companies to be authentic and to protect what is real and true.
We help secure assets, as well as make them verifiable and shareable, which in turn build both trust and reach.

Fake credentials & diplomas is a Billion dollar industry -and growing.

(The New York Times)


Diploma Mills worldwide, who sell fake transcripts, certificates and diplomas.



The number discovered falsified documents worldwide rises exponentially each year.

(US Chamber of Commerce)


of Americans admitted to lying on their resumes.


Secure your assets.
Make them TRUE.

Our technology allows you to automatically issue completely secure and verifiable credentials, badges and documents; Which in turn can secure anything from achievements, materials or products.

Look for the TRUE-icon to build trust with clients, partners, and those you care about.

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Trust matters.

Your official seal, your diplomas, certificates, credentials are important extensions of your brand, and organisation.

TRUE's technology give you a multitude of advantages which can never be achieved with paper or pdf.
Reach out to discuss your digital strategy and the advantages of making official documents and proofs TRUE.



TRUE's highest mission is to protect what is real and make it verifiable. Let's be authentic in a world full of fake news.


Security is our highest priority. Once a document is published and secured in blockchain with our technology, it cannot be altered in any way.


We pride ourself in building the latest and most versatile tech for secure digital documents & proofs, and our clients get more sophisticated solutions every month.


Transparency goes hand-in-hand with authenticity. Everything we do, and all the information we help to secure is completely in the open.


The truth matters. We want our technology to help companies gain exposure from being honest and creating verifiable documents and credentials. With a simple click all documents can be shared on social plattforms, email or Whatsapp. And each share drives valuable traffic & statistics.


We will always do our utmost to make our clients happy and to help them build trust, security, accessibility, traffic, reach and more.

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Secure your assets.
Make them TRUE.