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Organisations use TRUE to automatically issue blockchain-secured documents, badges and credentials, while growing their business in the process.

Reach out to gain traffic, attention and trust -while saving time.

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Used By Startups, Fortune 500 & Government Organizations


We customize badges, credentials and documents to fit industries needs,
AND to make your organisation stand out.

Education & Training

From University degrees & transcripts, to internal training programs -educators of all sizes use TRUE software to issue diplomas, certificates and badges that are secure, stylish and smart.


Recognize those who contribute to your cause and turn pride into more traffic and valuable attention. This is one of our favorite type of projects, we love helping a great cause and create shareable moments for those who contribute.

Certifications & Accreditations

We help organisations to certify People, Companies, Materials, Processes, Products and more.​ TRUE certificates and badges can be displayed on websites, in email signatures, or printed and hung on a wall -and are always verifiable as real and True.

Awards & Honors​

Awards & Rankings of people or organizations. Recognize valuable employees or partners by issue official prizes.​ Recognitions are used by HR and Learning & Development in many organisations, while Rankings & Awards are often incorporated by companies in Media, Survey, Entertainment, Sports and more.


State organisations use TRUE to accredit schools and other businesses. They also licence individuals, corporations, processes and more.

Health & Wellness

Our clients certify hospitals safety standards, as well as individuals who meet certain proficiency as clinicians, as an example. Our technology is also used to certify buildings and materials as safe and eco-friendly.


Discover the ways TRUE digital documents add real and traceable value for your organisation.
Make your documents work for you.


Paper-documents and pdf’s are easily falsified, while TRUE documents secured in Ethereum blockchain. Verify them anywhere -in digital form, as well as when printed.


Forget calls about replacements documents. TRUE documents and badges can’t be lost, misplaced or destroyed. Not even if you try.


NO MORE ADMIN TRUE will create and distribute your documents automatically, and send them from your email-adress, with your message, without fail.


Want to look better than your competitors? Design-possibilities with TRUE are virtually endless. Animate documents for an exciting and modern look.


DYNAMIC CONTENT GIVE YOU REACH Next to every TRUE document is your ABOUT-text. Update it at any time to communicate what is most important to you. Make your documents a powerful tool for SEO and awareness.


Every time a recipient share an achievement issued with TRUE, they create value in form of traffic, statistics and brand-awareness.
It's the closest thing to word-of-mouth-marketing on the web.


The technology is so effortless that companies often issue more documents when using TRUE, than they ever did before.

"Our alumnae’s now have nice looking diplomas in an accessible format, but we also see great marketing value! Thanks for a great product!"
Sissel Gade
Head of Operations & Acting Head of Learning & Development, AW Academy
“This is absolutely brilliant! A thousand thank yous!!”
Tania Sjöberg
Learning & Development, Skanska
“We save a ton of administrative work !”
Peter Hampus
Peter Hampus
CTO, Nackademin
"Thanks True!
Incredible to work with you to realise our fully accredited NED Academy Certificates!"
Roei Samuel, CEO, connectd
Roei Samuel
CEO, Connectd
“We are very happy with our work with True. Their technology let our customers get lots of positive attention."
Martin Hägerdal
Martin Hägerdal
CEO, Kvalprak
“We started with our sister company Employer Branding Academy, and quickly saw the possibilities. We are now implementing TRUE for all our 20,000 badges in 40 countries. Our process used to take many hours from team-members around the world. Now it's a matter of minutes."
Jonas Barck
Global CMO, Universum
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Our customers get their money back from the increase in traffic alone.

We help clients succeed by creating documents that are shared often –turning excitement and pride into visitors.
TRUE has helped companies generate traffic worth close to 100k USD in less than 6 months.


No app is needed. Next to each document is a verification button, which connects to Ethereum and verifies that the digital document has not been edited. Even 1 pixel off, will render an Error-message instead of the verification.
To verify a printed document simply use your smartphones camera. Today, almost every smartphone has built in software to recognize QR codes. Just hold the camera and let it find a focus on the QR code. It will open a browser on your phone and take you to the digital document which can then be compared to the printed one you just scanned.
We are available regular office hours, but you can email us anytime. We often respond promptly even after ‘regular hours’.
Yes, we do offer some specials for non-profits and EDU’s, feel free to reach out.
We also give a discount if you pay for a year upfront instead of monthly payments.
Yes – just send us your original Indesign or illustrator files and we will implement them as is, or with your permission add an animation to make them look more modern.

If you want an upgrade to your current design you can send us your brand guidelines and we can create something great for you.

Design is the one thing that takes a little time to get right. We want you and your customers (recipients) to love your documents, so we feel it’s worth putting the extra effort. With that said, we can have design done in a day or tow if you have a clear view of the end result. 

You can see how much traffic is generated from which channel, like Linkedin, FB, IG, Email, Whatsapp and more, on individual documents as well as for all of them. You can connect your own Google Analytics as well as add FB pixels to documents.

Get next generation documents, today

Move your company from PDF's and Paper documents which add no value, but eat time and resources from your team.